DIY Paint Chip Halloween Costumes

Before I dive into our last minute DIY paint chip costume shenanigans let me first say that it’s Mr. Currie’s Birthday today! It seems that he gets more handsome with age.  He even makes a cuter paint chip than me! Not fair….

If you’ve been following the blog you’re probably not surprised that our paint chip costumes are inspired by our most controversial and popular blog post (Paint Chip Address cards). Let’s take a visual stroll down memory lane shall we?

It all started out with a harmless paint chip craft. Look at us so happy!

Then we became addicted and had to start stealing paint chips just to get our craft fix.

Sadly Gracie’s lack of opposable thumbs forced her to eat paint chips instead of craft with them…… What a shame.

Like most criminals we got a little sloppy and the law eventually caught up to us.

The moral of the story is that friends don’t let friends craft with paint chips. Don’t worry I checked with the authorities and crafting up a last minute a giant paint chip Halloween costume with some leftover paint and poster board is perfectly legal ;) Happy Halloween weekend everyone and Happy Birthday to my wacky and wonderful husband!

Craft On.

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**** UPDATE ****

Still confused as to why people find this so funny? Catch up on our paint chip obsession and subsequent paint chip controversy by reading Paint Chip Gate.


  1. LOL!

  2. Very clever. Love the pic of Gracie the dog. She reminds me of our late girl Sailor. Have a great halloween.

    • Thanks! We’re had a blast putting this one together. :)

  3. You know how you see a post on Facebook and you click it ’cause it looks interesting, and then you read a humorous blog post that references other previous humorous posts and then you discover that you’ve just lost 30 minutes engrossed in this paint chip brouhaha? Well, yeah, that just happened. Thank God for DVR’s!

    • Yeah, Andrea and I can relate! HAHAHA! Thanks for the comment!

  4. andrea, your mug shot is effing PRICELESS!! xoxo

    • Yeah…. That’s what Cliffy gets to wake up to every morning. He’s a lucky man.

  5. I agree Lisa, Andrea on that picture is the poster child for the expression ‘ Being dragged through a bush backward ‘ LOL

    • and Cliff said before he took the pic “Less frazzled hair.” and I said…. “I didn’t try to frazzle my hair, this is it, this is the hair you married.”

  6. This is by far your best blog yet! LOVE,love,love it!!! hahahaha…great pics!!

  7. Thankyou for the big belly laugh this is awsome!!!!!

  8. ah-hahahahaha@@@!!



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