Happy Halloween Carved Pumpkins – A DIY Holiday!

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re still high from our Friday Home Depot coverage and wanted to say thanks for all of your Birthday wishes and comments about our DIY paint chip costumes. We made so much this weekend but because it’s a Halloween we thought it most appropriate to share the fun times we had carving pumpkins with our friends JP and Elizabeth.

Pumpkin carving parties are not complete without an impromptu photo shoot of each person trying to look as much like their jack-o-lantern as possible.

I didn’t think it would be possible to make a creepy tree face but JP did it like a champ!

Elizabeth is just too cute with this sweet little pumpkin!

If I had braces I would be his twin!

We took a picture of Cliff holding his pumpkin and his sawzall but we found it to be a little too scary to show on the blog. He totally looked like a serial killer which made me realize that our obsession with tools is getting out of hand. I mean it’s one thing to use sawzall to carve a pumpkin it’s another to make a sawzall jack-o-lantern. I’m the worst offender though. I jammed crescent wrenches into my poor pumpkins mouth! We need some serious help people.

Craft on.

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  1. omg – JP is RAWKIN’ that scary tree face!! so fun!


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