Discount Ikea Lamp Shade Hack – $10 DIY

A few weeks back I had purchased a lamp in the Ikea clearance section for $10. I’m a sucker for Ikea hacks and fantastico deals but as with most bargains you have to evaluate the compromises you are making to score such a great deal. For this lamp it was the light killing black lamp shade. Call us picky but we like our lights to you know….. Give off light! I’m sure we’re not alone in this basic need so let’s take a look at our simple BBQ skewer DIY.

Ok, taking a decent picture of this project at night was kind of hard but I assure you it turned out very nice, even during the daytime!

In order to cut straight lines we mapped the lamp shade with painters tape and used a box knife to start the slits. Then we used heavy duty kitchen shears to work our way around but not all the way around. We kept 1 inch of uncut space on either side of the lamp shade for stability. Basically don’t cut your lamp shade into bands, ok?

I had Cliff do the cutting because a tired Andrea with a box cutter= bad news and probably a trip to the emergency room. I was in charge of weaving in the BBQ skewers which could have been a craftastrophe if we hadn’t cut off the sharp points beforehand. That’s it… Lamp complete! Now where to put it…… How about in Cliff’s freshly painted WHITE office? Pics to come!

Craft On.

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