He Made a Whale Birthday Balloon Card

I’m the kind of guy that really only likes to craft when it involves robotics, power tools or explosions. None of which seemed appropriate for card making until I crafted up this exploding Whale Balloon Card for my Nephew’s Birthday. Or in Andrea’s words “Whale Birthday Balloon Card because Exploding Whale sounds a bit gory for a kid’s Birthday……”  No matter what you call it there’s no denying that it’s a great no fuss alternative Birthday money card that also happens to involve a controlled and safe mini explosion. In my opinion it’s the perfect card for any rambunctious kid or adult that may enjoy the thrill of a freshly popped balloon.

The inside message can be appropriately tailored for the recipient. For my nephew I plan to say “Hope it’s a whale of a tale of a good time! (Pop the balloon for your gift)”

You can take this straight to the gutter for adults. Here’s just a few that play on the naughty side:

“Blow me for cash”

“Who ever thought that blowing a whale would make you richer?”

“Blowing out candles gives you nothing but false hope that a wish might come true…. Blowing a whale, now that’s guaranteed cash in your pocket!”

——– Leave your messages ideas in the comments section please!——-

and now I ask…..What boy wouldn’t love an exploding whale card handmade by his starving Artist/Crafter/DIYer/Maker Uncle? By the way if that fifty dollar bill has you thinking we’re the best Aunt and Uncle in town, you are sadly mistaken. That’s our food money this week which means I’ve gotta scrounge up a crisp twenty dollar bill to shove into this whale before I send it off to the rambunctious balloon popping Birthday Boy.

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  1. So danged cute … and hey, it’s my birthday and I could do with 50 bucks :-)

    • Thanks Sue :)

    • Hmmmm…. You can have the card and I’ll take the 50 bucks ;)

  2. I s’pose I could spout you some cash….

    • HAHA! Good one!


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