She Made Birch Tree Inspired Thank You Cards For Thanksgiving

I’m a total sucker for office supply crafts and quick crafts so it’s no surprise that I crafted up these simple DIY Thanksgiving Thank You cards in 5 minutes using only a few office supplies!

By now you’ve probably figured out that I used a Post-It Note, White Out Runner and a paper clip (for scratching). Those combined with some brown card stock and a simple Thank You stamp (because my handwriting is sub-par) make for a great last minute DIY Thanksgiving Thank You card.

It’s quite easy to scratch out the Birch Tree notches. I used a paper clip and a safety pin (not shown).

It took me only 5 minutes to complete my initial card. Then after that I was pumping them out in 2 minutes or less! It’s just that easy!

I’m just loving the White Out runner birch trees! Wouldn’t these make for fantastic place cards? I think I’m going to do a whole table setting in them. Have a great weekend everyone!

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