Alternative Snowman a Sandy Holiday Tradition

For us Thanksgiving is all about gorging on gluten free stuffing as well as building our “Annual Currie Sand people.” All in all It’s a good ole time at our favorite beach in Cardiff. This year we really stepped it up a notch with a time-lapse video and fun photos of us trying to wrangle the dog. Ohh and yet another homage to paint chip crafts!

Check out the video below if you are curious as to how we constructed these silly little sand people.

I can’t tell if our sand people making skills have progressed throughout the years or if we’ve just gotten weirder with our accesories. You be the judge!

Year one at Torrey Pines beach. Look Cliff has a little bit of hair!

Our first year of sand people making with Gracie. She opted to eat the arm of Cliff's Sandman!

With some glitter and mini top hats! Yet again gracie is eating an arm....

This year trying to wrangle the dog into the shot.

She finally settles down and is looking to eat another arm!

Everyone in the shot and this time Gracie isn't gnawing on an arm.

and because I’m pretty proud of our 2011 Sand people let’s take a closer look!

A seaweed combover!

Gotta love those heart buttons.

Great for holiday postcards huh?

Craft on!

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