Easy DIY Chevron Pattern Jewelry Box Holiday Calendar

Jewelry boxes shaped with a modern chevron pattern design = Andrea’s dream alternative holiday advent calendar. Easy to create = my dream advent calendar craft! As cool as this chevron (or herringbone) countdown calendar is I must warn you that some “people” might assume that jewelry boxes are a sure sign of 24 days of jewelry…. So unless you are Sir Richard Branson create and fill at your own risk ;)

Great news, you don’t need a Billionare’s bank account to buy the supplies needed for this chevron pattern craft. In fact all of my supplies came from the Dollar Store. I found that I needed two poster boards to fit the length of the pattern. With hot glue I adhered 12 smaller boxes with 12 larger boxes to the overlapping poster board and then cut the excess poster board away. The last step was to put the numbers on square pieces of paper with a stencil. That was it – DIY Magic!

I can’t go into all of the little gifts that I’m including for Andrea because I’m pretty sure she reads this blog….. However, I can confirm that she isn’t expecting jewelry! Winning!

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