Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Decoration

I squealed in delight when I saw the Chevron Pattern Jewelry Box Advent Calendar that Cliff created. It has all of the glittery chevron dollar store goodness a crafty girl could want. So when the pressure was on to return the advent calendar favor I couldn’t think of anything better for Cliff than a Christmas Tree Decoration that lights up and holds little ornaments filled with gifts. Ohh and I used power tools which is ever important when making gifts for a master craftsman!

I used a thin 4×2.5 piece of wood and drilled quarter inch holes for my LED battery operated lights and quarter inch pegs.  I love how it fills our house with holiday cheer both day and night!

A little less light so you can see it glow.

This Christmas decoration is perfect for our our small space because it stores flat.

The backside shows how I measured and drilled holes for the lights and for the ornament pegs.

Looks great next to Cliff's Chevron patterned jewelry box advent calendar.

These bells from the dollar store are the perfect little gift holders. Cliff can always use some "Om" Tazo in his life.

The photos only show 13 ornaments but don’t worry Cliffy isn’t getting cheated out of 24 days of Christmas gifts. I have more ornaments to hang from the lights and a few larger gifts to hide behind the tree.

Everything is better with glitter, right?

The battery operated LEDs I found are AMAZING! You can set them to pulse or change colors which is a fun option to have for future holidays. I think I might even make some smaller versions of this project to sprinkle throughout the house. Maybe even a snowflake or two!

Craft On.

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  1. What a great little advent calendar!!!



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