Makers Month Roundup: November Crafts and Laughs

So here we are in our November Roundup. Despite being busier than ever we managed to step back and enjoy a few Birthdays, Veterans day and a lovely Thanksgiving with our family. We even found time to go to the beach, buy neat antiques and whip up some great Christmas decor. If you look closely at our roundup photos you might just see some of our top secret projects lurking in the background!

Turn a Phonograph into an iPhoneograph

Discount Ikea Lamp Shade Hack – $10 DIY

He Made a Whale Birthday Balloon Card

Happy Veterans Day (With Video)

She Crafted a Christmas Cheer Decoration

Holiday Calendar Advent Inspiration

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

She Made Birch Tree Inspired Thank You Cards For Thanksgiving

How To – Gluten Free Stuffing Muffins For Thanksgiving

Alternative Snowman a Sandy Holiday Tradition

Easy DIY Chevron Pattern Jewelry Box Holiday Calendar

Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Decoration

His Favorite November Project

Although I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the leftover gluten free stuffing I’d have to say my favorite November project was the Whale Birthday card I created for my Nephew. It has nothing to do with Fall or Thanksgiving but it made him smile!

Her Favorite November Project

This is a toughie because I really love the Chevron pattern advent calendar that Cliff made for me but the neighbors keep complimenting me on my Christmas Cheer door sign ;)

Secret Obsessions

Cliff: Peanut Butter and Dates. Not together, although that combo sounds tempting……

Andrea: Crackle nail polish which according to my Mother In Law looks like like zombie nails…. I actually agree.

Would Rather Forget

Andrea: Saying goodbye to my beloved vintage green couch. Yes it was uncomfortable and a little small for our space but I absolutely LOVED it! Luckily it went to a good home but we still don’t have a replacement couch!

Cliff: Riding down Vulcan Avenue; now known as the street that kills bicycle tires. I replaced 2 popped tires within 20 minutes of each other!

Big Projects in the Works

Cliff: The recessed lighting in the kitchen. We kinda got distracted midway through…..



Andrea: Giant Holiday Paint chip. This biggest and baddest you’ve ever seen!

November Linky Love

  • Amanda from Craft Gossip took on the hard hitting subject of paint chip crafting and of course referenced our Paint Chip Gate Post. Brave soul ;)
  • Kayla from Bulletin Board Ideas came up with a great classroom version of our “Paint the world with Christmas Cheer” sign.
  • Cynthia (our Craft-tastic buddy) included both our Chevron Pattern and light up Christmas tree in her comprehensive Advent Calendar Roundup!
  • Apparently someone in the Netherlands liked our Advent calendars too! Well at least we think they liked them…..
  • Ikea Hackers featured our Skewered lamp:

Coming Soon to Our Blog!

Andrea: Tons of Holiday projects and a great vintage party outfit. I started listening to the Pandora Christmas Station last week and I’m just bursting with holiday cheer!

Cliff: I’m going to rock a tacky holiday vest at an upcoming Christmas party. I used Andrea’s ugly light up gingerbread house sweater vest (long name) as my inspiration. Although I ordered mine from a Vintage Etsy shop I still believe it’s just as tacky as hers!

All in all November was a great month. Now we’re gearing up for a fun December full of insane amounts of Holiday projects as well as some maverick DIY projects that won’t be revealed until after the new year. Hope you all had a great November and are getting excited for the Holidays! We’d love to know what you are making this season.

Craft On.

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