Blah to Bling Holiday Gift Exchange

This year Cliff and I decided that we’re going to attempt to curb holiday shopping stress by encouraging our friends and family to participate in what we call the Blah to Bling Holiday Gift Exchange. A concept that celebrates handmade gift giving while up-cycling and having fun! Read all about it in our email below:

Dear Friends and Family,
As many of you know we prefer handmade holiday presents and this year we are asking for one simple creative gift (hopefully one that will become a holiday tradition). Luckily for you it doesn’t involve hot glue guns or glitter and luckily for us it doesn’t involve frantic holiday shopping. Quite opposite in fact! Our only Christmas wish is for you to send us old items that we can breathe some new life back into with our crazy Currie creativity! We’re calling it the Blah to Bling Up-cycled Holiday gift exchange.

This is about up-cycling and avoiding the inherent need to participate in the holiday shopping frenzy. For that reason we don’t want you to send us anything new. Instead, consider sending us that ugly yet totally comfy shirt that you only wear around the house or a pillow that’s been hiding under the bed. Maybe you even have a headband or a wallet that needs some creative love? When you find that perfect item all you have to do is spend a couple dollars to ship it to us. We’ll add our Hand MAKE My Day creative flair and then send it right back to you (hopefully before Christmas).

By participating you are giving us crazy makers the best Christmas gift in the world, creative freedom! And in return you’re getting a unique Currie creation that will hopefully make you smile for years to come. We’ll document the whole process on our blog and hope you’ll send back happy photos of you opening up your up-cycled gift on Christmas day!

If you want to participate please RSVP to this email and we’ll make sure to watch out for your delivery. If not please feel no obligation to send us any gifts at all. You’ve already given us the gifts of love and support in our creative adventures and for that we will be forever grateful.

Merry Christmas!
Cliff and Andrea

Don’t worry about our glitter obsession….. We will try our hardest to tailor each re-do to the up-cyclers tastes ;)”


We sent this message out to about 20 people assuming that only a handful would participate. Boy were we wrong!  Maybe we bit off more than we could chew but in the end we’d rather be frantically crafting on Christmas eve than frantically shopping! Our hope is that maybe others (including you) will be inspired to do something similar during this gift giving season. Don’t forget that even something small can make a huge impact! Stay tuned for the up-cycled transformations as well as heartwarming stories of the people behind them.

Craft On.

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