Andrea really wanted me to make her some of those trendy faux porcelain ornaments that you’ve probably seen floating around the blogosphere. All of the tutorials I’ve read call for spray paint or spray primer which unfortunately we do not have the space for….. I couldn’t let my crafty girl down so I came up with an alternative solution that we could complete in our tiny condo space without the fumes or mess of spray paint. They turned out quite nice if I do say so myself.

All you need is some leftover white house paint, small eyelet screws, string and some plastic animals. I used some leftover Behr Eggshell paint and some Target dollar bin farm animals (Small enough to shimmy into a paint can).

The trick to this project is having proper hanging racks, a mixing/drowning stick and about a half gallon of paint left in a gallon paint can (enough to dunk your toys). I used Andrea’s ornament hangers and a craft dowel to drown my animals in the paint (illustrated in the photos below).

Andrea started screaming “Artax, Artax, Artax noooo!”

I gave her a strange look and continued to drown my horse in the paint……

Then she was like “Neverending Story DUH!”

and so Artax comes out white, which was his color in the movie before drowning in the swamp of sadness….

If you aren’t getting our Neverending story reference then click on this link to the Youtube clip but be warned it makes grown women cry…..

If you weren’t paying attention then here are the basics:

1) Drown your animals in paint ( don’t worry, they’re not really alive )

2) Hang Animals ( again, they were never alive )

3) Take a stick and wipe off the last remaining drips. This does coincidentally looks like you are beating them like a pinata. ( did I mention these are plastic, so don’t feel bad )

Once they are dry you can let them run freely! ( They won’t really go anywhere, they’re not alive )

Options for embellishments are endless. I put a little Glitter Mod Podge on Andrea’s horse ornament to give it some Craft-tastic pizazz. I left Artax (my horse) and the Gracie’s Pig (named Babe) white and because the paint seemed pretty durable I didn’t see a need to coat them in a sealer.

So that’s it! No spray paint mess or fume headaches! Just plain ole plastic animal fun and a little movie nostalgia. This is definitely a fun craft to make.

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2 Responses to He Made Faux Porcelain Ornaments ( sans spray paint )

  1. Angie says:

    Love the idea of no spray paint. I like anything that doesn’t put toxic stuff in the atmosphere. Are you going to hang your animals on your light bright tree? He he he.

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