This fine Friday I’d like to share with you a simple crafty trick that makes it nearly effortless to integrate the ever popular chevron pattern into your home and holiday decor! The color combos, materials, and applications are endless. Fair warning that once you get started with this little technique you may never stop.

Yep, those are standard size envelopes. The key is to tape them together in V’s before making your long zig zag. After that you just outline your zig zag starting from the bottom and working your way up. For the sake of illustration I used a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker but for most other applications (canvas or wood) you’ll want to use a pencil.

With this handy little trick I created a glittered chevron pattern Christmas decoration using a white piece of scrap wood, red paint and red glitter! Instead of outlining with painters tape I free form painted the red and it looks just fine to me. For a crisp paint line you will want to put painters tape over your pencil line.

There you have it, no fussing with tape, string or rulers. Now go my crafty people and cover the world in chevron patterns!

Craft on.

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