An Ugly Sweater Christmas

This year we intended on sending out the below holiday card because it highlights our favorite Lite Brite Christmas Tree project!

But decided that the very best way to spread Christmas cheers was to wear ugly sweaters that all will fear…….

Now let’s pretend you are Tyra Banks judging the America’s Next Top Ugly Sweater Model contest….. Would you (Tyra Banks) pick Cliff with the devil elf sweater and rugged good looks…..?

Or me with my handmade gingerbread monstrosity (that also lights up) and longing perfume commercial gaze……?

Leave your votes in the comments section!

Wishing you a holiday full of lot’s of love and laughter.

Cliff and Andrea


  1. whooof, that’s a close call. I have to go with Cliffie though, because he looks like a reindeer caught in Santa’s headlights in photo 1, and he’s striking that perfect Sears & Roebuck catalog pose in photo 2.

  2. From the cold North West we all vote for Andrea’s ugly gingerbread sweater. Cliff’s should wear his to a Christmas cookie swap party.

  3. I gotta say that the gingerbread sweater, hands down wins my vote, while the elf sweater is a bit scary, that lace is way scarier!!!
    The only thing to complete the outfit would be a gingerbread bopper headband!!!

    • OMG.. Tobey.. you are 100% correct.. the bopper headband would put it over the top! Love it.. HAHA!


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