Mini Top Hat Craft and Free Template

Last year on one of our last 2010 episodes of Craft-Tastic LIVE I demonstrated how to create a cute mini top hat using a free template that I designed. Seeing that this craft was popular I though it best to put instructions and link to the free mini top hat template right here in our new bloggie home!

 If you have about 8 minutes and want a little giggle check out my original video demonstration of this mini top hat. Yes those are vintage eyeglasses ;)

If you would rather read the instructions than stare at my face/hands for 8 minutes then check out the instructions below. I also included a few tricks that I didn’t discuss in the video demonstration.

What you’ll need

  • Mini top hat template downloaded and printed. You will need a Scribd account to download.
  • 8.5 sheet of stiff fabric, foam sheet, card stock or any other stiffish material.
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Embellishments such as ribbon, feathers, rhinestones ect.
  • Wire headband or thin plastic headband. Even a big clip would work.Instructions
  • Print and cut out pieces. (you have to sign up with Scribd to download) You should have two pieces total.
  • Trace pattern onto material of choice and cut out. Keep in mind it needs to be somewhat stiff material. I found card-stock to work quite nicely but also like the look of foam.
  • Assemble the top half by hot gluing the sides together (overlapping about a quarter inch).
  • Add dab of hot glue to the tab of top piece and fold into the tube you just made.It’s not going to fit perfectly but don’t freak out!
  • Add some glue to the inside seams where the tube meets the top half that you just folded in. Don’t worry about the top overlapping the outside of the tube. You just want the top to be secured to the tube.
  • Now trim the excess top piece so it is flush with your tube. See it’s all right!
  • With craft knife cut slits into the bottom brim piece and fold up (these will be going into your tube).
  • Add glue to the little triangles that you just folded up and press into the tube of the hat.
  • Now add a strip of paper or ribbon to the bottom so you can slip a headband or hair-clip through it.
  • Decorate to your hearts content!

Originally I thought these glittery hats would be only worn by girls but apparently they are husband and dog approved too! — Maybe that’s just my weird craft-tastic family though.

Craft on.

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