Burlap Craft Valentines for JP and Elizabeth

I know it’s not even 2012 and here I am talking about Valentines Day crafts but it’s not my fault….. It’s actually the fault of our incredibly loving and inspiring friends JP and Elizabeth whom graciously donated 8 cocoa sacks to our “Blah to Bling Gift Exchange.” To further indemnify myself from premature Valentines day crafting I must say that I originally intended on up-cycling the burlap sacks into a large craft like curtains or a tufted burlap ottoman. However, some unforeseen olfactory issues forced me to come up with this sweet heart garland and a stuffed heart door hanger.

So what happened to my big burlap craft dreams? The smell of a dead donkey laying in poop is what happened! Note to self (and JP/Elizabeth) burlap bags that once held cocoa beans = nasty nasty!

Needless to say the stinky burlap bags made their way to the dumpster and I made my way to the fabric store for a fresh yard of clean burlap. With just a few stitches and daubs of paint I managed to create these cute non-stinky burlap valentines!

 JP and Elizabeth we are so happy that you were a part of our creative bliss this year and we look forward to creating many more funny stories and stinky crafts with you in 2012!

Happy New Year to all of our amazing friends!

Craft on.

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