Most Memorable DIY and Craft Projects of 2011

It seems like just yesterday we were steadily producing our once weekly internet show (Craft-Tastic LIVE) and then BLAM out of nowhere we’re buying a home, laying down laminate, setting up a dedicated craft studio and starting a new blog…. Just 6ish months later Hand MAKE My Day has already racked up 125 blog posts and over 100 unique DIY /craft projects! Don’t worry we’ve whittled it down to our top ten most memorable projects with plenty of visual candy for you ADD creative people (photos have links to corresponding blog posts).

1) The back breaker award.

Floating stairs refinish! Cliff spent weeks tediously pulling out hundreds of carpet nails, sanding and sanding and more sanding, then staining. The hard work really paid off! Now we just need a bannister…..

2) The most unlikely popular craft.

Paint chip address cards. WOW….. Who knew the entire internet would weigh in on the controversy of paint chip crafting and polarize me as the evil paint chip craft ring leader?

Like our Alter Egos?

3) Project that made people go “Huh?”

Our indoor swing. My mom is still asking what possessed us to hang a swing inside. Our answer; “Because it’s rad!”

4) Favorite craft.

Giant Paint Chip Lite Brite Christmas Tree. There’s something about playing with giant Lite Brite that just makes Christmas better.

It even looks good in the Daytime!

5) Best up-cycle.

The stereo cabinet turned mini shoe closet. Maybe it’s because I scored the stereo cabinet for free and proved to Cliff that it would be put to good use.

6) Favorite creative technique.

Ok, I’m patting myself on the back for figuring out how to make the perfect chevron pattern using basic office supplies.

7) Over all best blog post.

Paint chip Halloween costumes because it made most people laugh and frustrated the people that weren’t in on the joke! Just the balance we like ;)

8) Best Hand MAKE My Day video.

It was hard for us to choose, so we went with our balloon wall video because it has Cliff’s silly song in it!

9) Best yummy of 2011.

Gluten Free cornbread stuffing muffins with bacon…. Nuff said.

Ready to eat!

10) Projects that weren’t initially for sale but people placed orders for!

The c02 cartridge coat rack which Cliff is actually taking orders for and my Christmas Cheer sign that I may consider selling for the 2012 holiday season.

2011 taught us to let go of the fear of judgement and create from our hearts. A practice that we’re happily bringing into our 2012 creative adventures. We’ll also be sprinkling more of our Craft-tastic pizazz throughout various internet and traditional outlets as well as providing better shopping opportunities for our creative artwork, home decor and holiday decorations. So, if you want a piece of the Craft-Tastic Currie madness you just have to stay tuned!

Craft on.

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  1. I love these craft projects! I will have to add some of them to my list, especially the Christmas cheer sign!


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