Up-Cycled Bird Feeder For The Destefani Family

We’ve had our fair share of Blah to Bling stumpers this holiday season but I believe the it’s the package of baby hangers, a plastic bag and some ribbon (sent by loving Destefani family) that takes the proverbial Blah to Bling cake! Initially we toyed with a few “decent” ideas but eventually landed on concept that the whole family would enjoy: A bird feeder! Totally Andrea’s idea but I was the one that actually created it ;)

bird house, bird feeder, UpcycledThe only thing I really added to this Jetson like bird feeder was some scrap wood for the top and bottom. I have enough leftover materials to up-cycle into a few more bird feeders too!

bird house, bird feeder, UpcycledThis bird feeder marks our 3rd and final Blah to Bling transformation! Thank you to our friends that took the time to participate in our little up-cycling lesson. Each “Blah” item was so unique and pushed our creative boundaries in so many directions (See c02 cartridges and burlap). For those that couldn’t participate this year we ‘re hoping  that you are inspired enough to participate next year!

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