When Andrea has an idea for a headband nothing and nobody can stop her from making it, not even a nasty cold or a concerned husband. So it came as no surprise that my sleep deprived zombie of a wife dragged herself to the studio this weekend to craft up some neat burlap bead and button head pieces. They turned out beautiful but sadly rendered my craft-tastic gal useless as a headband model…. DIY Burlap Head Band

I’m pretty sure this makes me the ultimate team player and #1 best husband. Unfortunately my lack of hair just wasn’t doing these headbands any justice, so we went for plan C – no models!

DIY Burlap Head Band

DIY Burlap Head Band

Having worn both of these headbands I’d have to say my favorite is the burlap and button headband since is has nice overall color and is much lighter than the beaded headband. However you won’t see me wearing these in public anytime soon ;) Once Andrea feels better we’ll update this post of her rocking these headbands the way they were meant to be!

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