Valentines Day Craft Cloud of Love

In the last 20 days I may have overdosed on burlap. So far I’ve crafted burlap valentines, a burlap wall cover and just recently  a few burlap headbands-which Cliffy so graciously modeled for us on Monday. My studio is covered in burlap and I’m starting to feel as though this burlap Valentines Day cloud decoration solidifies my need for a burlap 12 step program. “I don’t want to go to burlap rehab, no no no.”

If you want to join my burlap gang just grab your burlap, hot glue guns and plastic heart necklaces and get to it! The initiation won’t hurt that much I promise ;)

The only rule in this gang is that you have to guise  your burlap crafting obsession as some sort of  reasonable crafty “cause” such as gifts for all those friends that keep popping out babies….. I mean that in the nicest way a burlap junkie possibly could. It’s an addiction, don’t judge me.

Craft on.

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  1. Saw this today and thought of your cloud:

    • Thanks Sue!



  1. 6 Ways To A HandMade Valentines Day - [...] 2) Burlap cloud that rains down hugs and kisses. [...]

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