Upcycled Book Computer Cable Organizer

Gadgets and I have a love hate relationship. I love to  spend my days tinkering with my gadgets but hate fighting with their accompanying USB and power cables. Just recently (after the 80th time my cables slipped behind my desk) I almost broke down and bought one of those plastic cable management systems from Best Buy but instead (in fear of being blasted for not going the handmade route) crafted up a this unique cord organizer with vintage book, some c02 cartridges and a test tube!

Cable organizer

The pop of the vintage red book combined with the industrial shine of the co2 cartridges (donated by Lisa Fulmer) create my favorite vintage military look!

Cable organizer

 I also stole one of Andrea’s hot chocolate test tubes for pencil and pen storage ;)

Cable organizer

Hooray for up-cycling and not buying yet another accessory to manage my gadget obsession! Happy Friday y’all.

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