In my younger years I dreamt of being an 80′s hair band rock star with the Hollywood studio, flying V guitar, and a neon yellow Lamborghini.  See that silver spandex, blonde wig wearing guy below? That was me (circa 2002) living my dream in a college talent show. Not much has changed since then except the fact that now I usually choose cotton over spandex and prefer acoustic over electric guitars. Cliff Currie, Handmakemyday

I know it’s hard but you’re gonna have to stop laughing at this 80′s train wreck at some point and start looking at the whole reason for this blog post; this cool sleek acoustic guitar hanger!

DIY Guitar Wall Mount

Room left on the right side for a light and pick holder - yet to be installed

I built this red oak mount to fit nicely between two wall supports in my office so I can admire my Taylor guitar while working away at my desk.

DIY Guitar Mount

DIY Guitar Wall Mount

I'm not sure, but I suspect using a softer wood for the mount than what the guitar is made out of will prevent scratches and dings to the neck of the Taylor.

That’s it! may the 80′s photo laughter commence!

Cliff Currie, Mr. ManMade, Andrea Currie Crafts,, DIY

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