Flashback Freebie Friday Cupcake Gift Bag

Check out this sweet cupcake gift bag that I designed 2 years ago for the My Craft-Tastic LIVE audience. Isn’t it just perfect for Birthdays and Valentines day? I thought so, which is why I’m reviving it here on Hand MAKE My Day! Ohh and did I mention it’s a FREE template? Hello!
Pink Cupcake bag template on Scribd

To create this fun little cupcake bag you simply need to download the free template from Scribd (you’ll need an account to do so), print two cupcakes out onto white card stock, cut out both cupcakes, fold flaps in and glue the bottom and side flaps together. I used warm glue to assemble mine, then added some ribbon, rhinestones and even a cherry on top!

No flashback is complete without a screen capture of me showing off my sweet little masterpiece on Craft-Tastic LIVE!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Craft on.

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