DIY Laminate Installation–Bedroom Makeover Part 1 of 2

We really weren’t expecting to start another laminate installation project so soon but as some of you know Andrea has been quite sick for the last few weeks and after some research we figured out that the likely culprit was our mold and dust infested carpet. So, naturally for the sake of my girls health we kicked off our bedroom makeover project a little earlier than expected; starting with the installation of Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate. If you are looking for a more complete Laminate DIY I suggest you check out our living room laminate installation here. Read on if you want to see what we learned the second go around.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

In order to start the bedroom makeover we first had to move all of our bedroom furniture into the living room and make a little love nest in my adjoining office. We figure we’ll be camped out here for another 5 days while we transform our bedroom into the perfect master retreat. A small sacrifice for a nice relaxing and healthy bedroom.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

Next, I took on the task of ripping out the carpet. Since we didn’t have 2 sets of knee pads Andrea got creative and used her boogie board to protect her knees while helping with the baseboard removal.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

As for our laminate choice, we really really REALLY wanted to purchase the less messy TrafficMaster Allure Ultra flooring as it does not require power tools (therefore alleviating a mess) but the cost is prohibitive for us poor first time home owners. So we happily chose the Du Pont Green Guard laminate at only $1.79/sqft down from $3.80/sqft at Home Depot, not only because it’s a great price but also because it has been tested against strict air quality standards. Come to find out that these Green Guard planks off gas a Play Doh smell which is much more preferable than the caustic smell the living room laminate gave off.

I wouldn’t say we are ecstatic about the quality and look of this floor but we are happy that we didn’t spend a boatload of cash on it and doubly happy that it’s in our bedroom where it will be mostly covered by furniture.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

One  win with this laminate is that the underlayment is already attached so we didn’t need to figure in the cost of laying down any special underlayment. However…. Cutting any laminate is a messy proposition no matter which way you spin it. So if you are stuck installing laminate in a small space without a garage make sure you have a great Shop-Vac and a good face mask because dust is the name of the laminate installing game and if you don’t get the dust under control it could ruin your sinuses and floor installation.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

We thought we were getting off to a good start until we noticed that the boards were chipping in the corners.

Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

Then we remembered that you have to stagger the boards so the seams from the previous row never line up and chip. DUH! Should have remembered that from our living room installation. I’m giving myself a little leeway because these boards are triple planked and give the illusion that they already are staggered planks which would confuse any regular person installing them for the first time. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

The Du Pont planks required less pounding into place than our living room laminate planks, which significantly cut down the installation time. However, we don’t know if that means our bedroom laminate floor will be more prone to separating. I guess only time will tell!Du Pont Green Guard Heritage laminate,

We’re nearly done with the laminate (only the closet is left) and will hopefully have a nice color for the walls picked out and painted by the weekend. Andrea keeps leaning towards purple but I like the idea of a deep red. Any color suggestions for this torn couple?

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One very helpful tip during installation is to have nice neighbors bring you yummy lentil soup! Thanks Gary and Marie!

Gluten Free Lentil Soup


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