We’re quickly trying to wrap up our bedroom remodel and need to get color on the walls ASAP but somehow we still can’t agree on a color… I blame it on the fact that neither one of us have a decent way to illustrate our paint visions properly. I mean if Cliff could visit my creative brain for a moment I think he’d agree that we should go with a jewel tone purple or maybe even jewel tone green. Whatever, the fact is that I thought we were up a beige creek without a paddle until out of nowhere I discovered the Behr ColorSmart application! Hello, why have I never seen this before? Ohh yeah– that’s right, I have my head buried in glitter all day…

Behr ColorSmart application

Anyway, here’s the photo I uploaded to the Behr ColorSmart tool. It’s the best pic I could get that encapsulates our current state of beige and vaulted ceiling.

Vaulted Ceilings, Behr ColorSmart tool

After that, it was just as easy as virtually painting the walls with our favorite Behr colors. In fact it’s so easy to test colors that we’re even more confused than before and need your help! Check out our options below and tell us which ones you like and the most popular color wins its’ way onto our walls. BTW don’t mind my poor virtual painting job. It’s my fault for getting so excited ;)

Regal Red, Behr ColorSmart tool

 Regal Red with Oyster WB

 Fond Memory, Behr ColorSmart tool

 Fond Memory with Oyster WB

Herbal Green Behr Paint, Behr ColorSmart tool

Herbal with Oyster WB

Folklore Behr Paint, Behr ColorSmart tool

Folklore with Oyster WB

Deep Blue Sea Behr Paint, Behr ColorSmart tool

Deep Blue Sea with Oyster WB

Sugar Plum Oyster WB

Over time I’ve learned that you all get a little queasy when we ask you to pick sides and I totally get that “kid caught in the middle” thing, so I purposely didn’t put our names next to our favorites. I’ll just say one thing….. Aren’t jewel tones the bomb?

Craft on.

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3 Responses to A Color Dilemma – Help Us Choose!

  1. Fong says:

    Herbal is my pick but maybe a lighter version of it. Will this just be on accent wall or all walks getting paint? Definitely go lighter if it’s not just an accent wall.

    Since you’ve got vaulted ceilings, you can further anchor the room with a chair rail and two tone paint scheme or wainscot. Go big!

  2. Angie says:

    Plum definitely!

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