CHA Folklore – And How The Beige Monster Was Slain

Here’s a little story for your Friday afternoon. Once upon a time in the land of Crafts and Hobbies lurked an evil beige monster that loved to destroy all that is colorful and creative.  The crafty people of the land called the “Crafterites” defended themselves from utter beige doom by applying liberal amounts of glitter, paint and Mod Podge to everything in sight. A tactic that normally worked….. Until one year when the beige monster chose to hibernate in his beige cave of doom.

Vaulted Ceilings, Behr ColorSmart tool

His plan was to build up enough beige strength to unleash on the Crafterites when they least expected it…. At the Craft and Hobby Winter show. Dun dun dun!

Ann Butler, Eileen Hull, Lisa Fulmer, Andrea Currie, Ms. Craft-tastic

What the beige monster didn’t know was that while he was lurking in the shadows of the CHA festivities, the Crafterites (being crafty and all) cleverly sent two brave warriors to paint the beige monsters cave a deep purple called Folklore.

Folklore Behr Paint, Behr ColorSmart tool, vaulted ceilings

Who would be brave enough to paint the beige cave Folklore?

Cliff, Andrea, CHA 2010 Winter Show

It’s us, duh! Now if that’s not the most round about way of telling you that we’re painting our room (Folklore) this weekend as well as prepping for the Craft and Hobby trade show next week, I just don’t know what is…. Yeah, welcome to my whacked out dreams people! Thanks for your input on our color dilemma and a happy weekend to you!

Craft on.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the whole crafterite crew very soon!!



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