Grade School Valentine With a Twist

When I was in grade school I loved going to the drugstore to pick out my favorite corny valentine packs. I’m pretty sure I chose My Little Pony valentines 5 years in a row…. Anyway, years later I feel as though my crafty spin on nostalgia may have gone awry in a snarky maybe even a little gross way. However, I wholeheartedly defend this candy pooping unicorn as a great Valentine pre-qualifier. I mean if a unicorn pooping rainbow candy doesn’t make you giggle even just a little bit then you and I just aren’t meant to be.

If it weren’t for that awkwardly large blank space where the candy is supposed to go I’d say it looks like a pretty run of the mill grade school valentine. Right?

I know that a custom designed unicorn valentine is a little over the top but I had to bring my A -game to this Valentine Challenge because my competition (Cliffy) tends to always win the ladies over with his crafts. I swear he can glitter a piece of poop and everyone loves it. Ironic huh?

Now that we’ve exposed both valentines it’s your turn to vote! Check out Cliff’s Monster Valentine along with photos of all of our crafty friends choosing their favorites and then comment on your favorite valentine! I never thought I’d say poop so much in a blog post….POOP!

Craft On.

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The bedroom paint is almost done and looks AMAZE-ballz! More to come on that later this week.

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  1. Love it! If you can’t celebrate the joy of rainbow-pooping unicorns on Valentine’s Day, then what good is it as a holiday anyhow?



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