Monster Valentine

I’m a dude so cutesy valentines weren’t on my list of things to fawn over in grade school therefore I don’t have a nostalgic story to tell about my inspiration for this valentine like Andrea did for her pooping unicorn valentine. So let’s get right to the Monster valentine that is winning over the hearts of our friends at the CHA Trade show– shall we?

Before my #1 Valentine (Andrea) puts me in the dog house I have to give her most of the credit for these valentines. I don’t have the design skills that Andrea does–so basically I can only claim ownership on the concept. Ohh and the chocolate heart in the middle…. That was all me. What girl doesn’t want a little crunch in their chocolate?

And here’s all of our crafty friends enjoying both of our valentines!

A tie!

Another tie!

A guilt induced tie.

Looks like Andrea is winning. Ohh but wait!

Now it’s your turn to vote! Leave your comments in your favorite corresponding blog post (Andrea’s here). Winner gets household bragging rights and loser has to make Valentines Day dinner.

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If you want this monster printable for yourself leave a comment because Andrea is considering selling the easy to print PDF.

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  1. I am a sucker for little monsters and the chocolate helps cinch it for me!!!



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