Bedroom Paint and One Crazy Week At CHA

I realize that it shouldn’t take 2 adults a whole week to paint a bedroom but we had places to go, people to see and really high walls to paint! Ohh and we changed our minds a few times too. In the end project eradicate bedroom beige was a success and we even managed to have some crafty fun at the CHA trade show! Skip to the bottom if you want to go straight to the bedroom paint pics or scroll slowly to see what life was like for us crazy Curries this week!

Saturday: Hey let’s paint!DIY, Piant

Sunday: Let’s go to CHA (in Anaheim) a day early.

CHA Winter Show 2011

Monday: Let’s craft!

CHA Winter Show 2011Tuesday: Let’s force our friends to pick their favorite valentine., Arts and Crafts

Wednesday: Ok back to painting but this time we need a tall ladder.

DIY,, Andrea, Behr Paint, Caribbean Sunrise

Thursday: Touch up time.

Behr Folklore, Behr Caribbean Sunrise

 Friday: Somebody get us a drink!, Jack Danials Door Stop

If you are familiar with our CHA Folklore post you’ll recall that we turned to all of you to solve our paint dilemma and luckily you rose to the occasion by choosing an awesome deep color purple color called Folklore (By Behr) for our accent wall. Here’s the Behr ColorSmart photo you all picked.

Behr Color Smart App,

We were totally happy with this color combo until at the last minute we decided to change the entire furniture arrangement, which forced us to change the location of our Behr Folklore accent wall to our smallest wall along the window. Doing so actually squared out our awkwardly rectangular room. For the rest of the walls we chose a nice yellowish Behr color called Caribbean Sunrise instead of the Behr Oyster in the pic above.  Here’s some befores and afters.

BEFORE: Big beige walls., Master Bedroom, beige

AFTER: Lovely Behr Caribbean Sunrise walls. Taken at a different time of day than before picture.

DIY,, Andrea, Behr Paint, Caribbean Sunrise

BEFORE: Beige window to the world., Master Bedroom, beige

AFTER: Window with Behr Folklore drama.

Behr Folklore, Behr Caribbean Sunrise,

BEFORE: Beige bedroom entry, Master Bedroom, beige

AFTER: Cheery yellow entry

DIY,, Andrea, Behr Paint, Caribbean Sunrise

We LOVE this new color scheme and will be happily moving out of the den and back into the bedroom this weekend. The bedroom flip will be fully completed in the weeks to come with the addition of some handmade curtains, side tables and accents. Here’s the pallet I intend on using:

                                                          Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

In the meantime we are busily creating some new blow your mind paint related projects slated for release next weekend! Thank you to all of our friends, family and the Behr folks for making this week so productive and fun for us!

Craft on.

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