I have a confession to make…. When I challenged Cliff to a Valentine duel I had already created a cute paint chip Valentine and boy was I was feeling on top of the world with this clever take on paint chip crafting. I mean “I Love Hue”? Hello that’s a winner if I ever saw one. I’m such a stellar wife….

Paint Chip Valentine

Anyhoo, karma reared its’ ugly head yet again as my paint chip valentine dreams were squashed by Cliff’s monster valentine with chocolate. CHOCOLATE. It’s like he knows women better than I do…. In order to properly compete I knew I had to drop the paint chip valentine for something a little more unique — a candy pooping unicorn valentine.

Crafty Valentine CardI could have sworn candy and kitsch would be enough to win this innocent husband wife valentine challenge but according to “you” chocolate trumps candy pooping unicorns any day of the week. Lesson learned… Maybe I should have just stuck with the paint chip valentine design and taped a Hersey’s bar to it?

Paint Chip Valentine

Luckily, my fragile ego wasn’t totally squashed by your completely reckless chocolate driven votes and not all was lost on my original paint chip design either. I’ve since peeled off all the rainbow Tootsie Rolls from my unicorn valentines and gobbled them down while watching a chick flick. Then I used my sweet little paint chip valentine as inspiration for something much much BIGGER. So, keep your eyes peeled for Wednesday’s blog post because we’re about to get crazy with paint chips again.

Craft On.

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2 Responses to My Paint Chip Valentine

  1. Lisa Fulmer says:

    “Bitter…table for one?”

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