6 Ways To A Handmade Valentines Day

Cupid’s crafty arrow struck us all they way back in December and we haven’t been able to shake that sadistic little angel since. Sure we could have fought him off with our Hallmark holiday cynicism but alas we are weak love lorn creatives that would rather make art not war. I think we managed to make something for just about everyone. Check it!

1) Burlap Valentines

Cut hearts out of burlap and add minimal Val-day accents (like red ribbon) and BLAM a you have valentine suitable for any discerning dude.

Cork Board Valentines, handmakemyday.com

2) Burlap cloud that rains down hugs and kisses.

I was going through a burlap and plastic necklace phase but looking back on this I think I should have used Chocolate Hugs and Kisses as the rain. Ohh the lessons I’ve learned about chocolate in the last 60 days!

Burlap Art, handmakemyday.com

3) Candy Pooping Unicorn.

If you want to recreate something as kitschy as a candy pooping unicorn, I have but one recommendation: Use chocolate! I know chocolate on Valentines Day seems so cliche but learn from my mistakes people!

Handmade Valentines Day Card, Handmakemyday.com

4) Monster of love

Proof that chocolate wins everyone over! I’m sure the cute little monster didn’t hurt either.

Handmade Valentines Day Card, Handmakemyday.com

5) I Love Hue Valentine

The perfect Punny Valentine for all of those creative people that spend their days in Adobe Illustrator or obsessing over paint chips or both (in my case).

Paint Chip Valentine, handmakemyday.com

6) Giant Paint Chip Valentine Photo Back Drop.

Proof that Cliff and I totally have what it takes to get onto the Awkward Family Photo website!

giant paint chip valentine, handmakemyday.com

Pretty good list huh? Out of all of the fun stuff we made we are most excited to announce that our giant paint chip valentine is going to be displayed at the Encinitas Home Depot February 11th-February 14th! If you are in the area stop by and take pictures with the giant paint chip valentine and leave us a little love note. Isn’t it rad that The Home Depot is doubling as an art museum for us crazy paint chip obsessed makers? Have a great Valentines Day weekend everyone!


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