It’s official Cliff won the Valentine challenge (see entries here) and household bragging rights. To even the score I’ve rigged created another challenge that I’m sure to win will be fun! I call it the “Mixology Death Match!” “He Vs. She Handmade Drink Challenge.”

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The only rule for this death match challenge is that the alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks must be inspired by our handmade lifestyle — as in craft, art, DIY themed libations. Think screwdrivers, glitter on the beach ect…. Any creative names for drinks accepted!

Cliff and I will ask you to vote on your favorite handmade themed concoctions. More voting weight will be given to the voters that actually try the drinks for themselves! Andrea Winner gets household bragging rights until the next challenge. Happy weekend!

Craft On.

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2 Responses to He Vs. She Challenge: Mixology Death Match

  1. Lisa Fulmer says:

    whooo hooo – libations!

  2. [...] entry into the drink challenge (Mixology death match)  is a blend of my two favorite sweets; Gummy Bears and Root Beer Floats. [...]

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