My friend Sue created a Shaggy Chic Chenille Clutch from the One Yard Wonders book and decided that it wasn’t exactly what she wanted so she donated it to the Home for Unwanted Crafts (My House). Since I’m a sucker for castaway crafts I happily took the floppy little clutch in….. and like a girl that chooses messed up boyfriends I went to work on “fixing” it., DIY, Clutch, Handmade

Unfortunately it was just that naive attitude that would be the demise of this poor innocent clutch. Ohh and my brazen disregard of basic sewing rules. You think with years of experience in both arenas I would have learned by now…., DIY, Clutch, Handmade, craft-tastrophe

Fortunately I’ve had plenty of ups and downs in creative projects (life, ect.) and I’ve learned that every craft-tastrophe teaches you something valuable. In the case of this chenille clutch it was 3 somethings: 1) Don’t try to save something that didn’t need saving. 2) Burlap as a pillow backer = bad idea 3) Make sure you have enough seam allowance before you go on a sewing rampage., DIY, Clutch, Handmade, craft-tastrophe

I’d hate to have this mangled mess be the last thing we all remember about this project so let’s visit the place (Sue’s blog here) where this craft-tastrophe remains a pretty little chenille clutch with no hints of its’ impending doom. Ohh and she has great step by step photos too! While you are at it check out Sue’s awesome One Yard Wonder camera case project!

Craft On.

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