Craft-Tastrophe: Green Beer and a Lime In The Coconut

After you see these two drink-tastrophes I’m sure you will agree that Cliff’s simple Root Bear Float wins the Mixology Death Match hands down….. I’m still in shock that I lost to a man who sprinkled gummy bears on a root bear float and called it a cool drink! This is me — skulking off to the creative cocktail cave of shame. I digress…. Let’s start with the coconut disaster!

So apparently simply putting lime (plus rum) in the coconut and mixing it all up just like the song says isn’t all the great. My crafter coconut cocktail turned out more like dishwater with rum in it. On the bright side of things I got to play with power tools!

When you don’t succeed try try again, right? I thought “OK let’s go for a classic American beverage with a crafting diva twist!” I called this sacrilegious concoction “glitter lemonade beer”.

To my defense I thought the beer and sparkling lemonade carbonation would create a beautiful hurricane of sprinkles. Unfortunately the sprinkles sank to the bottom and instantly turned the nice yellow beer a shade of swamp green. Before tasting it I thought it could be turned into a green St. Patty’s day drink but the lemonade mixed with sugar sprinkles tasted like sweet puke…. Un-winning.

I suppose this epic fail is karma coming back to bite me in the butt for creating a contest that I thought I’d surely win. Lesson learned! However, I’m happy to report that in the end I actually did win something–the trophy for most craft-tastrophes in one week! It’s Friday, can someone make me a GOOD drink please?

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