St. Patrick’s Day Photo Frame Craft

Add a little crafty fun to your st. Patty’s Day festivities by creating a photo opportunity that will transform everyone into a cute leprechaun.
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A fun activity for adults and kids alike. Look how it instantly turned Cliff into a leprechaun! Or is that his pirate in a leprechaun hat? not sure….

DIY,, Cliff , Crafts, Saint Patricks Day

To recreate one of these fun St. Patrick’s Day frames you can go bananas with all kinds of materials like craft foam OR you can be resourceful like leprechaun and use stuff you have laying around the house. Here’s what I used:

30 1/2″ x 26 frame- Thrift store find $3
Cardboard- found in the recycling bin
Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black paint
Red, yellow (or gold), green, blue, purple glitter
Heavy duty cut through cardboard scissors
Hot glue gun
Flat craft sticks (optional for anchoring the pieces)
Foam brushes

Here’s what the backside looks like.

It only takes an afternoon to craft up one of these and luckily you don’t have to be an artist to cut out and paint these basic shapes.

I recommend that you lay out your scene out before cutting and painting. Remember to leave tabs on each piece so that you can hot glue them to the frame. To save time I added the glitter to the wet paint!

DIY,, Gracie Dog, Crafts, Saint Patricks Day

Gracie isn’t even Irish and she really enjoyed being a leprechaun! Hope you all are inspired to do something fun like this St. Patty’s Day photo frame! Link back if you do!

Craft On.

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  1. This is so clever! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. What a neat idea!!! Thank you for sharing : )



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