Currie Kitsch Upcycle-O-Rama

For over a year now our friends have been urging us to create what they call “Currie Kitsch” or what I call taking a pile of random dejected stuff and upcycling it into unique, fun, modern, eclectic, geeky pieces. Fun idea right? I thought so too – however getting our hands on a pile of random stuff wasn’t as easy as it seemed. It just felt wrong to buy a pile of stuff from garage sales and not mysterious enough to ask for random things from friends. So, we waited for serendipity…. and it eventually found its’ way to us in the form of a new neighbor needing to get rid of some of the previous owners storage space stuff. Anyone thinking Storage Wars right now? Me too.

Currie Kitsch

So yeah…. That’s the stuff! Our new neighbor offered to let us go through this pile and pick out what we wanted but we took the entire thing without taking inventory because we enjoy the element of surprise! Check out this sweet run down entryway cabinet or maybe armoire that we scored!

In the weeks to come we’ll be posting an inventory of what we find and any subsequent Currie Kitsch creations. Everything we create will be for sale – Unless we find a pound of gold or something ;)

Craft On.

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  1. That Would make a nice armoire. You could mount the mirror onto a floor stand and use it free standing. I’d re-stain it something darker but that’s just my personal taste.

    • You would love this thing in person Fong, it’s all hand built.


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