Last Spring I found myself with a pom pom making addiction that I just couldn’t seem to shake. It seemed innocent at first but those fuzzy little guys combined with a plastic egg buying habit (easy to do when you have a Dollar Store nearby) basically created the perfect crafting storm and rendered my craft room completely unsafe to walk in. It was like a crafty Easter Explosion!

So naturally (when I got sick of Cliff rolling his eyes) I made my best attempts at combining my Easter egg and my pom pom addictions into a few cleverly produced projects–because that’s what crafters do right? Here are the results…..

Plastic Easter Egg and Pom Pom Crafts

It’s a cute Easter wreath but better suited for a school door rather than ours this year! Now…. How about my Fragle rock style bouquet? Eh?

Plastic Easter Egg and Pom Pom Crafts

For some reason I felt the need to thoroughly document these two projects on my Andrea Currie Crafts blog–So if you are feeling like you want to dive into a few plactic-y and pom pom-y projects check out my tutorials here! Also included in that blog post is a video of my Fragle rock bouquet construction which you are fully allowed to belly laugh at!

Craft On.

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