Burlap Band-Aid Get Well Soon Garland

A guy I know got hurt yesterday which spurred a spontaneous get well soon crafting session last night. I didn’t want to send a typical bouquet and card so I rummaged through Andrea’s craft room and came across two inspiring things; her googly eyed Band Aid card and an excessive amount of burlap. From these I created a Burlap Band-Aid Get Well Soon Garland.

handmakemyday.com, burlap crafts

handmakemyday.com, burlap crafts, get well soon

OK so I didn’t use any googly eyes but I still think this is a great handmade get well soon alternative for a dude. Don’t you think?

Cliff Currie, Mr. ManMade, Andrea Currie Crafts, CliffCurrie.com, DIY


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