Gracie Dog’s Born Again Currie Birthday

We call Easter Gracie’s born again Currie Birthday because it’s the day we brought our sweet black fuzz-bucket doggie home! Yeah… We’re those weird people…. Anyway, we adopted Gracie from Helen Woodward Animal Center 3 years ago and we couldn’t be more thankful for the joy, laughter and happiness she has brought to us! Here’s some of our favorite photos (and a video) of our silly girl.

This is the first photo we ever snapped of our girl! She looks like she likes her new life already.

Who doesn’t love a dog in a top hat and scarf?

Turns out she’s a crafty dog! Sweet! She fits right in ;)

Proof that she isn’t always so willing to pose for photos!

She’s a very sporty girl!

and a show off….

Above all she’ll pretty much do anything for a chip! And now for a cheesy Gracie Currie video.

Happy birthday to our hilarious, surfing, grunting, snoring, sometimes smelly girl!

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