Whiteboard Cartoon Bubble Craft

I love to surprise Andrea with little crafts and since she has a Crafter-noon coming up I thought I’d whip up one of those cartoon bubbles that seem to be all the rage right now. Luckily this project only required some laminated foam core and a sharp Exacto knife.  In fact the only hard thing about this craft was wrangling Gracie into the photo!

You can easily make your own cartoon bubble or any other shape using laminated foam board (foam core) but make sure it has a shiny side because that’s what serves as your whiteboard. Yes, it is erasable!

Ok, so I was kinda in a hurry and didn’t get my lines totally straight but as we say in our house “It looks handmade.” I attempted a small border using black dry erase marker but I would recommend doing a black boarder in permanent marker so that you don’t get smudges. Do as I say not as I do ;) I’m sure Andrea will add a wooden dowel so that it doesn’t have to stick to the wall.

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