It’s true that not all flashbacks crafts are created equal, in fact most of my flashback crafts make me cringe… However, every once in a while I get lucky and I find a long lost craft that is not only cute but also laughably over-engineered.
father's day card craft

Can you believe I created and demonstrated this mechanical Father’s Day card on Craft-tastic LIVE over 2 years ago!? I think it’s the best example of how I was a little obsessed with designing unique mechanical cards using nonsensical templates…. A phase which I do not apologize for ;) Here it is in action 2 whole years later!

Unfortunately I don’t have a nice short video demonstration of this craft (mostly because it’s far too complicated to explain in a short amount of time) so instead I’ll double dare you to try and make this card just from the template alone.
If you accept my dare and subsequently find yourself frustrated and cursing my name then I suggest you watch the full length Father’s Day Super Hero Craft-Tastic LIVE 2010 episode here (Fast Forward to minute 7 for the Father’s day card)! Now this biggest question is do you think my dad will notice if I send him this card again? I mean it has been two years! :)

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