I decided to let loose with my craft room theme and go with a bright beachy look complete with white walls and a blueish glittered floor! Ok, I suppose it’s not that extreme to go with a beachy theme when we do in fact live near the beach and I do in fact have a glitter obsession. Still, I’d like to think that this decision was wild and completely spontaneous.

handmakemyday, andrea currie, craft room, ms craft-tastic

The Craft Room Walls

It’s hard to tell the differences in the wall color however I must assure you that the Valspar Swiss Coffee white is eons better than the drab kill your creativity beige that came with the home.

handmakemyday, andrea currie, craft room, ms craft-tastic

The Craft Room Floor

The floor color is Valspar’s Sea Swell which I like to call “Little Mermaid.” For durability I technically should have gone with an epoxy garage paint (like Crafty Chica did here with her gold glittered floor) and lot’s of varnish but I’m extremely sensitive to caustic odors which is why I used Valspar’s low odor floor paint.

handmakemyday, andrea currie, craft room, ms craft-tastic

The Craft Room Glitter

As for the glitter, I took a blue super fine glitter and sprinkled it across the second coat of paint while it was still wet. I must note that this glitter distribution stuff is harder than all those Disney fairies make it look. I basically tried every technique in the book, including one that I call the “Fairy Dust Karate Chop” and still ended up with uneven glittered floors….. I’m guessing this probably has to do with the fine glitter. Luckily my clumsy glitter antics gave the floor a subtle patchy shimmer which looks like the top of the ocean.

handmakemyday, andrea currie, craft room, ms craft-tastic

I don’t know how well this new floor will hold up but I’m not worrying myself about dings and such – mostly because this was an extremely inexpensive floor option and partly because I know I’ll likely change the color next year. Tis the prerogative of a crafty girl ;)

Craft On.

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