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Since the announcement of TLC’s new show Craft Wars, I’ve had all kinds of people telling me “you should be on that show Craft Wars” or “that show Craft Wars was made for you!” They didn’t know it, but I was legally bound to respond with something generic like “that’s so sweet of you to say!” while my inner voice was enthusiastically screaming –


Now, I can finally tell you that yes indeed, me and my crafty sister Lisa Fulmer are on Craft Wars together! The proof is right here in this video where I loudly groan “oh nooo…” and then later exclaim “you guys did an awesome job!”

I wish I could tell you more, however I can assure you that Lisa and I ran, climbed (for reals, the Michaels Craft Closet had a ladder), met Tori Spelling, and crafted our little hearts out. Oh and even though Cliff didn’t participate on the show, he was still there in spirit. Actually, I wore his spirit! Aren’t these glittered shoes he made for me adorable?

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You’ll have to watch the show to find out if they are lucky sapphire slippers or craft-tastrophe clunkers. Since the whole experience is now mostly a glittery blur, I’m super excited (and a little afraid) to see what happened on our episode and how the contestants did on all the other episodes!

In fact I just found out that some of my crafty friends, Angela Daniels and Margot Potter are on the show too! All of this craft-tastic news means you should watch the entire season which premiers Tuesday, June 26 @ 10pm (9pm CT) on TLC. That’s tomorrow people! More info about the show and the judges can be found here. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Craft On.
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  1. So happy for you and all of our crafty compadres! Love the shoes!

    Hope you rocked the crafty house!


  2. How could you NOT win wearing those wonderfully sparkly shoes???
    Congrats- can’t wait to see the show!!


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