Craft Wars Episode 1 + WATCH THE SEASON!

 Last week I sat at the edge of my seat while I nervously watched the first crop of brave Craft Wars teams create fashion-forward duffel bags from sporting equipment and cute playhouses from school supplies! It was a truly inspiring and fun show to watch. All of the crafters deserve some sort of prize, but in the words of the Craft Wars host,  Tori Spelling, “in the end only one Crafter can win.”  And the lucky winner of the very first episode was school teacher Cheryl Bohlken Burchett, who created a sweet little red schoolhouse! If you missed the premiere, I strongly encourage you to catch the rerun on TLC or download it for free on iTunes.

Now I have to admit that I have been secretly taking a casual survey over the last 6 days. Ok, technically I’ve been intensely probing people about their thoughts about Craft Wars and it turns out that most of you are waiting for my episode to come out…to which I say, “you aren’t helping anyone if you are only watching my episode!” Why? Because this show has the potential to really boost the craft industry, which in turn can help my crafty dreams come true! So watch the show (the entire season) unless you feel like crushing this poor girl’s glitter-filled dreams. Just saying. ;)

If that guilt trip wasn’t enough, did you know that Tom Gliatto from People Magazine named Craft Wars one of the hottest shows to watch this summer? Oh and I’m pretty sure #CraftWars almost took down the Twitter servers when it came in trending just under #KatyPerry!

Let’s keep the crafty momentum going by watching Craft Wars tomorrow night 10pm ET (9pm CT, 7pm PT) on TLC. Tweet #CraftWars and tell everyone you know about it, ok? Then shoot me an email, tweet, FB message or whatever, and tell me what you thought—because I’m going to be doing Craft Wars posts every week! By the looks of this preview, it’s going to be another AMAZE-ballz episode.

Craft On.

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