Super Secret Spy Box Birthday Craft

I realize that painting a Staples box black and stenciling on some letters really doesn’t qualify as a craft inspired by last weeks Craft Wars toy box/pet mansion themes – and normally I don’t make excuses but I have kinda been up for 5 nights straight stressing about my appearance on Craft Wars tomorrow at 10 Eastern 9 Central 7 Pacific. Here’s a preview of said appearance.

When I say stressing I actually mean panicking and obsessively glittering random objects. It’s actually kind of a miracle that I was able to sit still long enough to paint a box black and refrain from dousing it in glitter. So, technically I’ve overcome a lot with this little box. Go me!

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This Nikon CoolPix camera is a prize Cliff and I won from our Giant Paint Chip Valentine on Instructables. Since we have our own nice camera we decided to re-gift the CoolPix camera to our gadget obsessed 9 year old nephew.

I’m sure this is the last year I get to do cutesy gift packages for him, so for kicks I threw in a funny disguise and little magnifying glass because you can’t be a super secret spy without those things….. Right?  From here on out I’ll be bedazzling iTunes cards for his birthday. After all, I’ve still gotta live up to my title as crazy crafty aunty Andrea :)

Check out these much better crafts from my fellow Craft Wars Vets and don’t forget to watch Lisa Fulmer and I craft our hearts out on Craft Wars tomorrow evening at 10 eastern 9 central 7 pacific!

Lisa’s adorable fabric dog box.

Pattye’s cute toy box.

Margot’s Tori Spelling inspired necklace.

Angela’s chicken coop for Tori Spelling’s chicken Coco.

Craft On.

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