Winners Of Craft Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She did it! Andrea won Craft Wars with her crafty sister Lisa Fulmer and she felt like a rock star the day she came home with the win.

and then the day after she felt a lot like this……

Today she is ready to take on the world and sends her thanks to every single person that believed in her! Now we’re catching up on lot’s of messages so expect to hear from us soon. If you missed the episode download it on iTunes here.

Much crafty love from the Currie and Fulmer families!

Cliff Currie, Mr. ManMade, Andrea Currie Crafts,, DIY



  1. Ya ya ya ya!

  2. Great photos… Your hair is so pretty…as are you even with glitter on.
    So where are all the other photos of the viewing party? I asked Lisa. One is on her f/b.
    Congratulations on the win. We kept a secret..awfully tough heh?


  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

  4. YYEEAHH! You are so awesome and such an inspiration – following your dreams and going BIG! Way to go buddy!!


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