Craft Wars Altar or Falter Trophy Wife

It’s official, I can now in the most punny possible way call Andrea my “trophy wife”. Now to avoid being called a misogynistic pig I’d like to clarify that this title is so apropos because her episode of Craft Wars was wedding themed (Altar or Falter) and she also happened to craft up this trophy to commemorate her win. Am I being insecure or did I really have to explain that?

Would you believe this is only scrap wood, some pvc pipe, and a hot glue gun covered in tons of glitter? To create it Andrea used a used a hole saw that fit her 1 inch PVC, some wood glue and a wooden peg to hold the hot glue gun up straight.

Then she took the advice from  Stephen at Glitterville and used white glue (Mod Podge) to adhere her gold glitter. And because a boat load of glitter wasn’t enough bling she added rhinestones with hot glue! Yes Tori, she made sure to take off the strings that the judges hate so much. Phew, nap time.

She even made a sweet glitter scissor trophy for her assistant in crafty crime Lisa!

Now buckle up because our friends Margot and Andrew Potter are appearing on tonight’s episode of Craft Wars at a new time 8 Eastern 7 Central. That’s earlier than normal so take note and check your local listings. Also check out these other awesome Altar or Falter Craft Wars themed projects from the #CraftWarsVets.

- Lisa
- margot
– angela
– pattye
– cheryl
– esther

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