Anniversary Craft: Mosaic Glitter Guitar Lamp

Cliff’s reaction to my Mosaic Glitter Guitar Lamp gift is best compared to the excitement that the dad from A Christmas story had when he first saw the infamous leg lamp, “Ohh where to put this? In the front window of course!” followed by a run out to the street to see how it looks. “It’s glorious!”

What can I say, form and function + glitter gets him every time!

Here’s a closer look at the glittery mock mosaic menagerie complete with custom ceramic tiles, broken mirrors, washers, glass pebbles, patterned clay, rhinestones and of course lot’s of glitter.

Out of all of the cool things I added to this guitar, I’d have to say that I love the wedding vows on the back the most!

Since this project was a labor of love I can’t easily lay out a how-to, so instead I’ll highlight the products that helped me create this little gem.

Makin’s Clay

Mod Podge

Beacon’s Quick Grip

Beacon’s Fast Finish Decoupage Glue

and a whole lot of creativity!

A special thank you  goes out to my mosaic mamma who over the years has given me some great mosaic tips. I know it’s not truly a mosaic but I’m sure you’d still be proud ;)

Now for a CWSA (Craft Wars Service Announcement) – I cannot stress enough how you should watch Craft Wars tonight at 8 eastern 7 central and 5 Pacific (then again at 8 pacific). Why? Because I know two of the three teams competing and it’s going to be Halloween themed! So please cheer on Angela Daniels with her assistant Pattye Duffner and Ashley Long with her assistant Megan Andersen Read. I’m going to need therapy if they go head to head in the Master Craft Challenge. Just saying…


Did you notice that this Mosaic Glitter Guitar Lamp is inspired by last weeks Craft Wars Rock’n Roll themed episode? WINNING! Check out Margot Potter’s amazing Rock n’ Roll necklace!

Craft On

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