Lisa and I thought it would be fun to recreate the little gnome home that we hastily crafted up in the Pop Craft Challenge on Craft Wars. I have to admit that at first I liked the idea of doing a smaller scale re-craft without the hour time constraint and the pressure of 8 gazillion cameras hovering over me – Then a funny thing happened….I got bored of the slow pace and a little sad that Tori Spelling wouldn’t be stopping by to remind me that the judges hate hot glue strings. Needless, to say I yearned for something a bit more “complicated”. Eventually the ants in my crafty pants led me to my computer where I spent longer than I’d like to admit creating this free downloadable gnome home template!
Andrea Currie Gnome Home Template
I guess this means that you all benefit from my C.A.D.D (Craft Attention Deficit Disorder). Lucky you! Speaking of luck you should definitely check out Cathie and Steve’s blog post and enter to win $950 worth of craft prizes! Ohh and don’t forget to watch both episodes of Craft Wars tonight starting at 8/7 central which is 5 pacific and then another at 11/10 central which s 8 pacific. Ok, that was just plain ole A.D.D. Before you leave check out my Halloween home inspired by last weeks Halloween themed Craft Wars episode!

How do you like my Halloween house? Perfect for hiding your secret stash of candy, huh? I have a few fun tips and tricks for putting this little gnome home together so come and watch Lisa and I get crafty on live internet TV tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm Pacific 8 Central on Creative Cynchronicity Live! Click here for event details!

Craft On.

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    [...] of the house AND has a free template you can download so you can make your own.  Get it here.  Then they stuck around and answered questions for us about their experiences on the show and [...]

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    [...] how to make their Gnome’s Homes.  You can find their Gnome’s Homes from the show here and here.  Both were awesome and unique!  Andrea Currie also created a template so we could too [...]

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