Glitter Helmets

6 months ago I signed Andrea and I up for a 25 mile bike ride called Bike The Bay. We’ve done this fun ride once before about 3 years ago, a time when we rode our bikes nearly every day… So this year we  prepared (procrastinated) by doing a little binge training the week before and a little crafting the night before. I suppose we figured that nothing powers a 25 mile bike ride better than glittered helmets!

I started my helmet bu lightly sanding the areas which I wanted glittered and then used Mod Podge to adhere my glitter.

I used super fine Martha Stewart Brand Glitter.

Andrea used a Martha Stewart fine purple glitter and a chunky gold glitter which really made it BLING.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous of how much attention Andrea got with her glitter helmet. Not only were people screaming from the sidewalks “OMG I love your helmet!” but she also had some fellow riders huffing and puffing to catch up to her just to tell her how much they ADORED her helmet. Of course she was gracious enough to point out how cool my helmet was too, but apparently these strangers have no love for a man who glittered his helmet! Sheesh! Whatever, we got through the bike ride with ease which I’m sure can be attributed to our awesome glittered helmets!

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  1. These are rockin’!! So does the ModgePodge adhere the glue enough that I could do this on my 2 year olds’ helmets (almost 3) or would it get all over them (I have twin 2 year olds)? Think I could apply it with the ModgePodge and then after it dries, put another coat of ModgePodge on to seal the glitter in? Love it!

    • Hi Kate,
      The Mod Podge is the glue and yes, I have used it to seal the glitter on as a second layer but it does take some of the sparkle away if you do it that way. The only kicker is that this stuff isn’t water proof, so if it rains, not sure how that’s going to work out. :)


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