DIY Fest Recap

Before I get into all the DIY Fest details I’d like to send out a glittery thank you to family, friends, associates, vendors and especially the people at Maker Place and Westfield Mall for making DIY Fest such a fun event.

DIY Fest was not only chock-full of great artisian vendors but also whimsical handmade installations such as the chalkboard wishing wall, a forest of amazing yarn bombed poles and even a Lego DIY Fest sign!

Marcy the resident yarn bomb artist managed to yarn bomb a shopping cart during the event which I couldn’t resist getting into!

Naturally our booth was full of crazy craftiness as we showcased our colorful new line of Paint Chip Pals to the public.

Cliff made a neat ipad stand so that attendees could easily sign up for the Paint Chip Pals newsletter. I suggest you do the same by going to and leaving your email address!

 Thanks to my friends at Plaid and Wescott for filling our craft table with Mod Podge, Podgeable paper stacks, Wescott scissors and scissor mice.

Attendees stood in line in the hot sun for a chance to create a bunch of fun crafty take aways using Mod Podge and Westcott’s scissor mouse. Now that’s dedication!

In between glittering bottle cap pendants, demoing and selling our Paint Chip Pals collectable button sets I managed to promote DIY Fest on two of our local news stations KUSI and San Diego 6 News.

Click here to watch the foam stamp onsie segment I did on San Diego 6 with Courtney Dwyer.

Thanks again to all the people that not only put this event together but also the ones that came out and supported all of us crazy creatives! We’re hoping for another DIY Fest in the Spring, so stay tuned!

Craft On.

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  1. Love the extra large poster of thou being Craft Wars Champion! Great to see you smile and live in your element.


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